Library Participates in “Operation Support Our Troops”

For the second year the Port Isabel Public Library, located at 213 N. Yturria St., and the Public Library Reading Room, located at 5800 Padre Blvd., will be collecting items for our troops stationed in Afghanistan.  Our collection will begin on Monday, November 1.  The final day to drop off your donations will be Tuesday, December 7, which fittingly is Pearl Harbor Day.  Your donations can be brought to either library during their hours of operation.  Our staff will package your gifts.  The Friends of the Port Isabel Library is providing funds for the shipping and Coastal Mail, owned by Linda & Mike Garrett are providing the supplies that are needed to prepare the boxes. Your donations will be packed and shipped by December 10.

Very Important Items:

Silly String – Believe it or not, silly string is used by our soldiers to detect trip wires connected to bombs.  A gift of Silly String may save someone’s life.

Beanie Babies and Small Toy Cars – These are used to distribute to local children so that they learn that our soldiers are their friends, not their enemies.

Emer-gen-c – This drink provides electrolytes and prevents dehydration.

Unscented baby wipes or towelettes – Troops may go several days without showers and appreciate having the wipes to clean up and wipe the sand off with.

Other Needed Items:

Foods – The troops especially appreciate being sent coffee!  The coffee can be ground or instant, and along with this they need coffee filters, creamer, and sugar.  Additional beverages needed are tea, hot chocolate, and Gatorade.  Small canned and packaged items such as Ramen noodles and soups; canned ham, chicken, and tuna; summer sausage and pepperoni sticks; along with condiments such as salt, pepper, spices, and Tabasco sauce can be packed away in duffle bags while on maneuvers.  Snacks such as M&Ms (which don’t melt,), gum, cookies, granola bars, dried fruit, packaged crackers, canned nuts, trail mix, power bars, beef jerky, and microwave popcorn are always welcome gifts, too.

Personal Items – Travel sizes are best because they fit in cargo pant pockets.  Please donate items such as hand sanitizer, soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, tooth brushes, dental floss, mouthwash, razors, shaving cream, body cream, Skin-So-Soft, and foot powder.  Other items needed are toenail clippers, sun screen, eye drops, contact lens cleaner, chap stick and lip balm, combs and brushes, men’s white socks, cool collars, neck scarves and bandanas, bandages, Neosporin, bug repellent with Deet, bug bite sticks, Q-Tips, and cotton balls.  Remember that unscented items are the best choice.

Comfort Items – These are items that help the troops connect with home.  Here are some examples:  Portable DVD and CD players, disposable cameras, IPods, International phone cards, batteries (AA and AAA), music CDs and DVDs (legal copies only please!), paperback books, magazines, stationary, puzzle books, playing cards, writing journals, paper, pens, envelopes, blank greeting cards (Mother’s and Father’s Day, I Miss You, Birthday, Anniversary), yo-yos, hacky sacks, zip lock bags, small flashlights, and extension cords.

Finally, please include a card, note, or letter with pictures.  The troops love hearing from you!

For more information contact: Port Isabel Public Library, located at 213 N. Yturria St., and the Public Library Reading Room, located at 5800 Padre Blvd., or call 956/943-2265.