December 18, 2009–
As the fog was rolling across the bay, the Santa Mobile was rolling through the streets of Port Isabel looking for the most decorated houses and businesses. On board were City Manager, Edward Meza; Library Director and Interim Economic Development Corporation Administrator, Carolyn Bogardus; Commissioner M J Garza; Commissioner Memo Torres and Hanna Torres. Goodie bags were given to ten decorated houses and businesses and candy given to neighborhood children. (more photos here:

Winners:\” alt=\”20091218_cmasdecorating-2\” width=\”400\” height=\”159\” />Ms. Rosa Montes and Family (110 E. Railroad Ave.)

\” alt=\”20091218_cmasdecorating-3\” width=\”400\” height=\”266\” />Mr. & Mrs. Traya (101 Hickman St.)

\” alt=\”20091218_cmasdecorating-6\” width=\”400\” height=\”192\” />Calvin & Sandra Byrd (Adams St.)

\” alt=\”20091218_cmasdecorating-7\” width=\”400\” height=\”179\” />Manuel & Maria Hinojosa (110 Adams St.)

\” alt=\”20091218_cmasdecorating-8\” width=\”400\” height=\”161\” />Terry & Mimi Coen (121 Madison St.)

\” alt=\”20091218_cmasdecorating-9\” width=\”400\” height=\”134\” />Grambaile Bar (205 South Shore Drive)

\” alt=\”20091218_cmasdecorating-10\” width=\”400\” height=\”254\” />Omar Perea (1706 North Shore Drive)

\” alt=\”20091218_cmasdecorating-11\” width=\”400\” height=\”266\” />Doubleday Sports Bar (Highway 100)

\” alt=\”20091218_cmasdecorating-12\” width=\”400\” height=\”266\” />Port Isabel Police Station (Hickman St.)

\” alt=\”20091218_cmasdecorating-13\” width=\”400\” height=\”266\” />For more information, contact City Hall at 956/943-2682.