Our Neighbors

The communities contiguous or in close proximity to Port Isabel are different in some aspects to this city. Among those differences are:

Waves from the Gulf of Mexico break onto the white sandy beaches of South Padre Island.

South Padre Island is almost 100% dedicated to tourism and to high end real estate development for individuals wishing to purchase second homes.

South Padre Island supports a great deal of the workforce in Port Isabel and other surrounding communities as a source for workers in hospitality and recreational industries. South Padre Island also hosts most university students coming to south Texas for spring break in either March or April. Additionally, South Padre Island is a popular investment locale for real estate purchased by Mexican nationals or out of region investors. For more information on the South Padre Island EDC visit: http://southpadreislandedc.com/.

Laguna Vista is a developing resort and bedroom community with much high end real estate development with a focus on recreation.

All of these communities are impacted by the “Winter Texans” who come south from mostly mid-western states and Canada to winter in this region. All of these communities have facilities for RVs but these are less evident in Laguna Vista.