Smart Growth Implementation 101

Community:    Port Isabel, Texas

Tool:                 Smart Growth Implementation 101

Date:                 May 21st & 22nd, 2013

TO:                    Robert Salinas, Economic Development Administrator

Edward Meza, City Manager

FROM:               Elizabeth Schilling, Smart Growth America

DATE:                July 25, 2013

RE:                      Suggested Next Steps as Outcome of Technical Assistance

The City of Port Isabel, Texas, applied for technical assistance in order to begin planning for redevelopment in two neighborhoods in the south of the city, the Old Garcia Street District and the South Shore Drive District. During initial conversations with City staff and during the workshop itself, the need for a more general discussion of smart growth emerged. In order to present the Smart Growth Implementation 101 curriculum in a way that provided the community with the most benefit, it was important to establish a better understanding of how Smart Growth might apply across the City before focusing on the two neighborhoods cited in the application.

Workshop Summary
See entire report: 20130521-22_smallgrowthimplementation101

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