Infrastructure & Utilities

The availability of energy related and public utilities are sufficient to support the present and emerging needs of this community.

The competition among both electricity and telephone services, especially cellular, will result in more options to consumers and lower prices as they shop for the better deal. The Laguna Madre Water District administrators are very positive concerning this agency’s capacity to serve the emerging needs of its clients on the coastal communities.

Gas $50.00 Deposit
$15.00 Connection
$7.15 Per month, plus additional usage

Up to 4,000 gallons
Sewer $10.00/ month

Telephone $27.00 base price
Solid Waste Disposal Usage
Electricity Average $0.1096 per kwh (22 providers)

Application Deposit $20.00 and
$17.86 per month Residential
$24.14 per month Commercial

Local Providers 2005 The residents and commercial users of electricity have a variety of options in terms of where they contract for their services since the industry was deregulated. There are twenty electrical services providers in Port Isabel and there are variations on their individual costs and these are based on different use formulas which may result in greater savings for certain clients. The lowest electrical service, based on cost per kilowatt hour is USAVE Energy and the highest cost provider is Fire Fly Electricity. The average for all providers comes out to about $.11 per kilowatt hour. Electricity Cost per kwh (cents of a dollar).



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