Comprehensive Plan

Proposed Vision Statement: 2010- 2020 Port Isabel is a family-oriented community strongly connected with its history as a sea port, recreational fishing and shrimping village. Port Isabel looks to the future as a "one-of-a kind" sea-side village; a unique tourist destination that includes recreational opportunities; an emerging artisan community and an eclectic historic downtown; a well rounded community that offers plenty of business and well-paid employment opportunities for its citizens. In such a manner, Port Isabel will support improvements to our education system in order to provide better opportunities for our children and our future; cultivate our history and heritage; encourage and demonstrate "green" and sustainable development practices; develop fair and equitable ordinances and consistently and uniformly enforces those ordinances; and invest in our public infrastructure in order to provide multiple modes of travel, and safe and reliable utilities. We believe these action steps will improve the quality of life for residents, improve the climate for investors within the City and in turn, attract more tourists and businesses to this unique South Texas coastal village. LINKS: COMPREHENSIVE PLAN:
Funding Alternatives for Fire and Emergency Services (entire document- 887.1kb) Fire & EMS Funding Sources Acknowledgements Table of Contents Ch. 1 - Introduction Ch. 2 - Local Sources for Fire and EMS Funding Ch. 3 - State Government Sources for Fire and EMS Ch. 4 - Federal Government Sources for Fire and EMS Funding Ch. 5 - Developing Effective Grant Proposals Ch. 6 - Private Sources for Funding Ch. 7 - Miscellaneous Fundraising Ideas Ch. 8 - Managed Care for Emergency Medical Services Ch. 9 - Summary and Observations App. A. - Partial List of Federal Funding Sources Related to EMS Bibliography Comprehensive Plan(entire document- 48.2mb) Front Cover Sheet Vol. 1 Front Cover Sheet Vol 2 1A. Base map 1 - 5 1A. Base map 6 - 10 1A. Base map 11 - 15 1A. Base map 16 - 20 1A. Base map 21 - 25 1A. Base map 26 - 30 1A. Base map 31 - 35 1A. Base map 36 - 40 1A. Base map 41 - 45 1A. Base map 46 - 50 1A. Base map 51 - 56 1A. Base map 56 - 60
1A. Base map 61 - 65 1A. Base map 66 - 70 1A. Base map 71 - 75 1A. Base map 76 - 80 1A. Base map 86 - 90 1A. Base map 90 - 97 1A. 3 Population Dist Map 6 - 10 1A. 3 Population Dist Map 11 - 15 1A. 3 Population Dist Map 1 - 5 1A. 3 Population Dist Map 16 - 20 1A. 3 Population Dist Map 21 - 23 1A. 3 Population Dist Map 6 - 10 1A.4.1 Exist Land use map 8 - 33 1A.4.1 Exist Land use map index 1A.4.2 Future Land Use Maps 1C.1 Cover Sheet 1C.1 Central Business District INDEX 1C.1A Central Business District - Layout1 1C.2 Future Central Business District maps 1D.1 Historic Inventory maps 1D.2 Historic Preservation maps 1E.1 Street Conditions maps 1-7 1E.2 Future Street Conditions Maps 1-8 1E.2 Future Street Conditions Maps 8-33 1E.2 Street Conditions Maps 8-33 1F.1 Street Thoroughfare Maps 1-7 1F.1 Street Thoroughfare Maps 8-33 1F.1 Future Street Thoroughfare Maps 1-7 1F.2 Future Street Thoroughfare Maps 8-33 1G.1 Storm Drainage Maps 1-7 1F.2 Storm Drainage Maps 8-33 1G.2 Future Storm Drainage maps 1-7 1G.2 Future Storm Drainage maps 8-33-Layout1 1H. Parks maps 1-8 1H. Parks maps 8-33 1K. Zoning District Map 8-33 1K. Zoning District Map Index 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A.1. Base Mapping A.2. Housing A.3. Population Characteristics A.4. Land Use B. Economic Development Study C. Central Business District D. Historic Pres. study E. Streets System F. Thoroughfare System G. Storm Drianage Study H. 2005 Master Park Plan (RECREATION AND OPEN SPACE) I. Capital Improvements J. SUBDIVISION ORDINANCE Port Isabel K.1 EXISTING "REVISED" ZONING ORDINANCE K.2 ZONING ORDINANCE PI NO 2005.pdf