Commission Regular Meeting 7/23 [Cancelled]


Invitation to Ground Breaking, Washington Park, 7/18 11a

Commission: Notice of a Ground Breaking Ceremony 7/18 11a

Washington Park Ground Breaking Ceremony:20190718 Notice the Ground Breaking for Washington ParkDownload

Senior Splash 2019 ~ Health Screenings & Information ~ Free

Beautification Special Meeting 7/10 4p

See complete agenda: 20190710_beautification-meetingDownload

Commission Special Meeting 7/10 7p

See complete agenda: 20190710_Special_MeetingDownload

Commission Regular Meeting [Cancelled] 6/25 7p


Commission Regular Meeting Addendum 6/25 7p


City Commission Regular Meeting 6/25 7p

See complete agenda: 20190625_Regular_MeetingDownload

Beautification Committee Regular Meeting 6/19 3p

See complete agenda:20190619_regular-meetingDownload