Rotary Celebrates 75 Years in Port Isabel!

Seventy-five years ago, June 24, 1936, the first Rotary meeting was held at the Queen Isabel Inn in Port Isabel and marked the beginning of three quarters of a century of service to the Laguna Madre area and beyond. On Friday, June 24, 2011 at Beulah Lee Park the Rotary hosted a ribbon cutting for a 35 ft. flag pole and marker. Following the raising of the flag and the Pledge of Allegiance, Rotarian Ronald Boudreaux shared a brief history of the Rotary Club of Port Isabel. Lunch was served in the gazebo.








75th Anniversary Flag Memorial Ribbon Cutting by members of the Port Isabel Rotary Club. Raising of the Flag by Rotarian Roberto Rodriguez. Rotary Club President, Bettina Tolin welcome and opening remarks, pictured with Port Isabel Mayor Joe E. Vega. Presentation of Club Charter to Port Isabel Museum. Pictured: Honorary Rotarian Mary Anne Meyn, Bettina Tolin, Museum Director Jeannie Flores and City Manager Edward Meza.

PROGRAM: The Rotary Club of Port Isabel 75th Anniversary Celebration Beulah Lee Park, Port Isabel, Texas June 24, 2011

Ring Rotary Bell

Welcome and Opening Remarks- Bettina Tolin, Club President

Invocation- Fr. Phil Taylor, Rotarian

Welcome and Remarks- Mayor Joe E. Vega

75th Anniversary Flag Memorial Ribbon Cutting- Members of Port Isabel Rotary Club

Raising of the Flag- Rotarian Roberto Rodriguez

Pledge of Allegiance- Rotarian Sgt. at Arms, Bob White

Sharing of Club History- Rotarian Ronald Boudreaux

Presentation of Club Charter to Port Isabel Museum Director Jeannie Flores and City Manager Edward Meza- Honorary Rotarian Mary Ann Meyn and Bettina Tolin

Ring Bell

Lunch is Served in the Gazebo!

The Rotary Club of Port Isabel thanks you for being a part of our special celebration today!

Our special thanks to the following for making this Flag Memorial Project and 75th Anniversary Celebration possible:

Mayor Joe E. Vega and the Port Isabel City Commissioners

City Manager, Edward Meza, City of Port Isabel

Balde Alaniz and Public Works Staff, City of Port Isabel

Jerry Adams, Jearel Adams Construction

Murray Farms

Russell Beauford, AEP Texas

Butch Mock, Butch's A/C and Electrical

Emilio Galvan, Chalico Concrete & Materials, Inc.

Bob Binney, South Texas Flags, Inc.

HEB Food Store, Port Isabel, Texas

Rotarians (Flag Installation Project): Roberto Rodriguez, Jerry Adams, Bob Fudge, George Riley, Bob White, Jeff Hughes

Rotarians (Anniversary Celebration Committee): Jacqui Dempsey, DeeOnda Ahadi, Diana Delgado, Ron Boudreaux, Ken Irwin, Ginny Riley, Traci Tousey, Jeff Hughes

75 Years of Rotary Presidents

1936-37 Ross Stanley
1937-38 Robert B. McLeaisch
1938-39 Burnie Burnell
1939-40 Hon. T.R. Hunt
1940-41 Joel P. Keene
1941-42 K.R. Stone
1942-43 J.J. Jaudon
1943-44 F.G. Shannon
1944-45 Jas. S. Scaief
1945-46 Floyd Bobbitt
1946-47 Ray S. Wait
1947-48 Flem Marlin
1948-49 Ewing Clark
1949-50 Ray S. Wait
1950-51 Robert E. Monlux
1951-52 Lewis Browder
1952-53 Ray Hybds
1953-54 Anthony Meyn, Jr.
1954-55 George O. Trump
1955-56 William W. Brown
1956-57 A. Ray Keller
1957-58 Marshal Story
1958-59 Joe Lane
1959-60 Charles Berry
1960-61 Don L. Pruitt
1961-62 Francis M. Kershaw
1962-63 George C. Colley
1963-64 W. Stuart Adkins
1964-65 John H. Kittila, Jr.
1965-66 Lawrence K. Allen
1966-67 L. Dale Anderson
1967-68 Arthur W. Shafer
1968-69 Thomas A. Urie, Sr.
1969-70 E.W. Heinz
1970-71 Harvey O. Carson
1971-72 Andrew F. Lavender
1972-73 Clyde W. Lyons, Sr.
1973-74 Troy Dillow
1974-75 Paul Golterman
1975-76 Sherman Lee
1976-77 Roy Smith
1977-78 Fred Blondel
1978-79 James D. Haley
1979-80 Ronald Boudreaux
1980-81 William D. Suhr
1981-82 Elmer W. Heinze
1982-83 Keith Petty
1983-84 Robert White
1984-85 Harlie D. Londrie
1985-86 Jon Schroeder
1986-87 Eddy DeLosSantos
1987-88 David Krummel
1988-89 Frank Klinges
1989-90 Neil Zimmet
1990-91 Carl Johnson
1991-92 Mike Zimmerman
1992-93 Will Cabler
1993-94 David Hall
1994-95 Craig Vogel
1995-96 Carlos Chacon
1996-97 Bart Shaw - half year
Jim Eliam - half year
1997-98 Jearel Adams
1998-99 Duane A. Rasmussen
1999-00 William Whaley
2000-01 Ray Kendall
2001-02 Marie Ferrier
2002-03 Margaret Rivera
2003-04 Robert Rodriguez
2004-05 David Privett
2005-06 Stan Hulse
2006-07 Roxanne Guenzel
2007-08 Rick Ridolfi
2008-09 Ralph Ayers
2009-10 Tom Plumb
2010-11 Bettina R. Tolin


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