BP Oil Spill info

Updated 6/7/2010 South Padre Island, Boca Chica and the Laguna Madre area are free of BP oil or tar balls. Our beaches and shorelines are open for business and fishing, sunbathing, or any other water or beach activities await your enjoyment! 6/7/2010> South Padre Island Press Release: http://view.exacttarget.com/?j=fe5716737d6301747411&m=fef01d74726d06&ls=fdec1c797564027a72107974&l=fe571576716d0679731c&s=fe351574746c057c711270&jb=ffcf14&ju=fe1f1677766201797c1d73&r=0 For information on the BP Oil Spill see NOAA link below. Southeast Fishery Bulletin announcing: BP Oil Spill: NOAA Modifies Commercial and Recreational Fishing Closure. http://sero.nmfs.noaa.gov For additional Fishery Bulletins, go to the left hand side of the page and click on the Fishery Bulletins Link. Questions: Contact the Sustainable Fisheries Division at 727-824-5305 Other links:
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